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I had to make some tweaks but I'm engaging this project because well I love TFA and the prospect of seeing TFTM (1986) redone in this format was exciting to me. I'll be adding pictures piecemeal in no particular order over an extended period of time until this is complete.

Beside the artwork that I commissioned, any artwork appearing in this journal not commissioned by myself has the permission of the artist. Click on the picture for artistic credit.

Enjoy -
Enter Unicron by du365
Commission: 86 to tfa 4 by LyricaBelachium
Arblus, look it's Unicron by du365
Crunch by du365
It's the year 2005 by du365
Have taken the Autobot home planet of Cybertron by du365
From 2 of Cybertrons moons by du365
Jazz report security status by du365
Bumblebee and Spike here by du365
Hey Ironhide tell my son Daniel I miss him by du365
Blast off by du365
A little energon and a lot of luck by du365
Laserbeak returns to Cybertron by du365
Laserbeak returns Megatron by du365
Welcome Laserbeak by du365
Unlike some of my other warrior you never fail me by du365
Soundwave, playback Laserbeak spybeams - 46 by du365
As you command Megatron by du365
We don't have enough Energon by du365
More than you image, Optimus Prime! by du365
Autobot Shuttle to Autobot City by du365
Autobot Shuttle to Autobot City by du365
DECEPTICONS!!! by du365
Brawn goes down COLORED by iq40
Prowl attacks the Decepticons by du365
Mixmaster fires back by du365
This was almost to easy Starscream by du365
Much easier almighty Megatron by du365
When we slip by their early warning system by du365
Decepticons headed to Autobot City by du365
TFA- Must be patient one must by AXEL464
TFA from 86 - 2 by WhiteSelenite
If you want to ride Dan-O, ride in style by du365
Dare by du365
Autobot shuttle at lookout mountain by du365
Hot Rod look there's a hole in the shuttle by du365
What!!! -77 by du365
Hot Rod ready to attack the Autobot shuttle by du365
Decepticons attack by du365
Megatron attacks Hot Rod by du365
Blitzwing by du365
Blitzwing transforms by du365
Come on down Autobrat by du365
Come on down Autobrat by du365
TFA x G1 Kup and Blitzwing by iq40
Insecticon blasted by Blitzwing by du365
Not bad for an old timer! by du365
Decepticons incoming by du365

What about me Ultra Magnus by du365
Nobody gets the job done faster by du365
C'mon Arcee lets go by du365
Transform Autobot City by du365
Pathetic fools there's no escape by du365

The Insecticons attack by du365
The Insecticons are in our way by du365
Wrong there our way in by du365
Decepticons above Autobot City by du365
Peceptor what shaking other than this fortress by du365
Contact Optimus Prime on Moon Base 1 -117 by du365
The Decepticons are blitzing Autobot City by du365
Soundwave jam that transmission by du365
Rumble Frenzy Ravage Ratbat eject by du365
First we crack the shell then we crack the nuts... by du365
Run Blaster save yourself by du365
No way two can play by du365
Sic em! by du365
Commission: TFTM TFA-Style Blurr by xGemFirex
Assault on Autobot City by du365
Casualties of war in Autobot City by du365
Transformers Animated THE MOVIE by KaitlinEXE
Kup Hotrod look - Devastator by du365
Constructicons transform 1 by du365
Constructicons transform 2 by du365
Devastator by du365
Prepare for extermination by du365
Devastator attacks by du365
Devastator attacking by du365
Defenses are broken let the slaughter begin by du365
Optimus Prime arrives by du365
Dinobots destroy Devastator by du365
TFTM Transformations: Grimlock Commission by ZeHornet
G1 Movie / TFA Devastator Vs. Snarl by iq40
Megatron must be stopped by du365
You got the touch by du365
Once shall stand one shall fall by du365
No I'll crush you with my bare hands!! by du365
I got to help Prime by du365
Optimus Prime vs Megatron by du365
Optimus Prime vs Megatron by du365
Optimus Prime vs Megatron by du365
Optimus Prime vs Megatron by du365
Optimus Prime vs Megatron by du365
Optimus Prime vs Megatron by du365
Optimus Prime vs Megatron by du365
Optimus Prime vs Megatron by du365
I thought you were made of sterner stuff by du365
Fall! by du365
Optimus Prime vs Megatron by du365
Fall!! by du365
I would have waited an eternity for this... by du365
It's over Prime! by du365
NEVER! by du365
Commission - Transformers Screencap Redraw by MarMarALaMode
How do you feel Mighty Megatron!?!? by du365
Don't Leave Me, Soundwave! by iq40
TFA: 86 Movie B by NightLokison
The First Death of Optimus Prime by du365
I fear the wounds are fatal! by du365
Kup concerned over Optimus Prime health by du365
Until the day when all are one by du365
Ultra Magnus accepts leadership by du365
Unicron screams by du365
Astrotrain has requested that we lighten... by du365
Oh how it pains me to do this by du365
Wait, I still function by du365
TFA - Wanna Bet? by DarioCld
megaTRON by du365
State your business by du365
AND?!?! by du365
AND NOTHING! you belong to me now by du365
Proceed on your way to oblivion by du365
No No I accept your terms by du365
Behold Galvatron! by du365
Scourge the tracker! by du365
Cyclonus the warrior! by du365
Destroy the Matrix by du365
Transformers Animated THE MOVIE 4 by KaitlinEXE
TFA - All Hail Galvatron by DarioCld
Where that come from?! by du365
Unicron attacks Moonbase 1 by du365
Got to blast free if we can! by du365
Spike and Bumblebee up here on Moonbase 2 by du365
Spike and Bumblebee escapes Moonbase 2 by du365
Commission: 86 to tfa 3 by LyricaBelachium
We're being sucked Into It by du365
We belong to him by iq40
What about my Dad, he's on that Moon... by du365
If that thing crunches, it'll make short... by du365
Get To The Shuttle by dovianax
Autobot Shuttle escapes the Decepticons by du365
We invaded polarities by du365
Cyclonus, transform and attack by du365
Cyclonus attacks the Autobot shuttle by du365
Damaged Autobot shuttle by du365
Commission: TFTAM TFA-Style Galvatron by xGemFirex
Damaged Autobot shuttle 2 by du365
Face it Magnus, the Decepticons is gonna dog us... by du365
Missiles fired at the Autobot shuttle by du365
023 by LyricaBelachium
Autobot escape pod headed to the planet of Junk by du365
Let's try to salvage this thing by du365
TFTM Transformations: Follow Me by ZeHornet
Expires while you wait operator are standing by by du365
Transformers Animated THE MOVIE 2 by KaitlinEXE
Rodimus VS Allicon Commission by iq40
Wheelie drives away by du365
Commission: 86 to tfa 6 by LyricaBelachium
Commission : 86 to tfa by LyricaBelachium
Me Slag say you full of Beryllium Baloney by du365
Commission: 86 to tfa 5 by LyricaBelachium
Awwww, why boy hit my nose?!? by du365
Forward, avanti, and, like, go for the gusto! by du365
Magnus, I want the matrix! by du365
TFA: 86 Movie a by NightLokison
Dinobots battle the Sharkticons by du365
Me Grimlock say execute them by du365
You get ship if I get trip by du365
TFA from 86 by WhiteSelenite
You check but you don't check out by du365
TFA - Bonk by DarioCld
Unicron answer me! by du365
Transformers Animated THE MOVIE 3 by KaitlinEXE
You'll do my bidding or taste my wraith! by du365
Unicron transforming by du365
TFA - You Underestimate Me Galvatron by DarioCld
For a time, I considered sparing your wretched.... by du365
Unicron swallows Galvatron by du365
86 Animated by Destron23
It will do you no good Autobot it cannot be open by du365
Galvatron attacks Hot Rod by du365
Grimlock dodges Unicron eye blast by du365
Slag attacks Unicron by du365
Swoop attacks Unicron by du365
TFA - New Strategy by DarioCld
TFA Version Unicron by iq40
Help by du365
Daniel, you did it! by du365
Unicron crushed Wreck-Gar ship by du365
TFA from 86 - 3 by WhiteSelenite
TFTM x TFA Galvatron by iq40
TFA - Straight Outta Unicron by DarioCld